Building Tools for Shape Up – Klaus Breyer & Matt Lane (Co-founders of Dumplink)

#Bonus: In season 1 of this podcast, I've been speaking with a lot of teams who have adopted Shape Up, a delivery framework originally created at Basecamp. If you've never heard of Shape Up, check below for a link to the video "Shaping in a nutshell" by Ryan Singer, former head of strategy at Basecamp and author of the book "Shape Up - Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters".

Today I am joined by Klaus Breyer and Matt Lane for a very special bonus episode. Matt and Klaus met through the Shape Up forum when Matt posted about seeking collaborators around a Shape Up tooling idea he had. 

Well, this infamous post has now turned the two into co-founders for Dumplink, a lightweight project/task management tool for teams that use Shape Up. But really, calling it "project management software" is not doing it justice, for it's really a communication, de-risking, and sense-making tool for the build teams on software projects.

Listen to Klaus and Matt nerd out about "directed acyclic graphs" and "foliation graphs" and catch an exclusive demo of Dumplink. Since you're listening to the audio version of this podcast, I recommend you check out the video version, too, to get the full picture. There's a link below that takes you directly to the screen-sharing part of our conversation.

Make sure to listen carefully to find out how you can test Dumplink for yourself, today!

Timestamp for the Dumplink demo video:
Matt's post in the Shape Up forum:
Klaus' talk at the Shape Up Practitioners meetup:


Shaping in a nutshell:
Shapers & Builders job board:

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Building Tools for Shape Up – Klaus Breyer & Matt Lane (Co-founders of Dumplink)
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